Thursday, 23 August 2007

Chapter 6

Two years have passed and Kelly is walking around without a limp. She could barely see through the pich blackness. She carried a bag of tip bits. As she walked up to Sunny she expected to see his joyful self but instead she say him lying down. He was in pain and it wasn't in his leg because that had healed a month ago. Kelly called the vet and buried her head in his mane. The vet arrived an diagnosed it as an infectious disease and might not make it. Kelly decided she would spend the night outside in the stable with him. She tried to stay awake but she was so sleepy and slowly she dozed off....

When she woke up she expected the warmth of Sunny to heat her up but it didn't infact there was no heat at all coming off. Then Maxine said "im so sorry Kelly he passed away in the night" Kelly couldn't understand what had happened. He was only three years old and was too young to die. Kelly sprinted off to her room and cried and cried and cried. She had never felt any worse in her life.

Chapter 5

"What could you repeat that?" said a shocked Kelly. "It will take you six months for you to be able to walk and two and a half years before you will be able to sit on a horse after all you did fracture your ankle in four places". Kelly took a moment to let all of this sink in but it just didn't seem real.Kelly finally got the courage to ask the question that she was dreading. "What happened to Sunny?" whimpered Kelly. Maxine sighed then replied "he fracture his cannon bone" Kelly's heart sunk. She knew that her bones will heal but horses most of the time have to be put down if they break their leg."Will we have to put him down?" asked Kelly. Maxine replied "not yet he might just have enough strength to pull through but don't get your hopes up you might never get tio ride him again." This was all to much for Kelly to handle. What will happen, will i ever be able to ride again? Will Sunny live? What will happen to her and what will the future hold?

Chapter 4

Kelly settled her self in Sunny's saddle and walked over to the race track. This was the first time she had ridden her on the race track. The cool, crisp morning air pierced her lips as she started to trot Sunny. Sunny gave a play full buck and bolted into a gallop. Kelly tried to stop him but he wouldn't stop and keep ignoring her aids. Kelly could hear a faint scream and a clatter of hooves followed someone saying "loose horse!!" the hoof beats were getting louder and louder. Kelly tried to turn Sunny around in circles top stop him but he just kept ignoring her. Kelly began to panic as the sound of the hoof beats became louder and louder. Kelly was bracing herself for the collision but nothing happened. Kelly relaxed but as soon as she did the loose horse banged Sunny's side and Kelly's leg sending her flying. as soon as an enormous shock of pain in her back she started to relize what was happening. Her foot was still in the stirrip and she was being draged along the ground. She heard a sickening crunch. At the same time as the crunch she was knocked out. When she woke up she found herself inside a hospital under an x-ray machine when she asked where she was injursed and how long it will take her to recover Kelly almost fainted....

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Chapter 3

"Sun Burt! Happy first birthday! I bought you a carrot." Sun Burst munched on the carrot dropping half of it in the stall. "Mum said we can start to try to break you in and train you to race.I know you will beat all the horses and win the Triple Crown! Although Sun burst was only half the size he should be his now charcoal Black Coat glistened at the slightest glimmer of light. "Time for school!" Maxine shouted "If you don't pry yourself away from that horse or you'll miss the bus!!" Kelly kissed Sunny on the nose and sprinted of to her house to get ready for school. School seemed to take forever because she was supposed to get a saddle on Sunny. Two hours later the bell finally rang. Kelly had got her report an A for English, a B for Maths , a A+ for Reading and a C+ for Spelling which was a good report for her because she wasn't very good at spelling. As soon as she got home she threw on a t-shirt and some jeans , ran to the tack room and grabbed a exercise saddle and saddle cloth. When she got into the stall she led Sunny into the cross ties and slowly placed the saddle cloth onto his back he bucked and a half an hour later she placed the saddle on.He didn't care and she very slowly did the girth up loosely. She left the stall to give him time to get used to the saddle and ten long minutes later she returned and took the saddle off.She was very proud with what she did and couldn't wait for tomorrow when she would try to bridle him which wouldn't happen straight away but she knew he would be the greatest racehorse ever even though nobody believes in them.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Chapter 2

"Mum whats wrong with her?" Kelly asked. "Its a premature birth,sorry Kelly I don't think either her or the the foal will make it" replied Maxine Frost. Sunshine Bay grunted for another hour. As soon as the foal could breathe her mother let her in to see the weak foal.The copper coloured foal couldn't even stand up yet which is very unusual because foals normally stand straight away. "I'll have to call the vet to get the foal put down"said Maxine. "NO!!"shouted a tearful Kelly "I will look after him for as long as it takes.""Well okay then but don't be disappointed when he dies" said Maxine "I'll have the vet come out to have a look at him anyway. The next morning Kelly awoke in the little colts stall. Sunshine Bay had to put down and Kelly was full of greif. Mrs Maxwell said that the foal has a 20% chance of living. Kelly had decided to name the foal Sun Burst Bay or Sunny for short. Kelly looked after him every day and he seemed to look stronger each time she looked at him.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Chapter 1 part 1

"Lets go!" said a 14 year old Kelly McLean as she started to gallop her 5 year old pony named Miracle across the paddock with the snow crunching underneath Miracles hooves and flicking up onto her cheek.She had gotten Miracle for a Christmas and Birthday because she was born on Christmas Eve. Kelly rode her horse until her cheeks were so numb she thought she would fall off if she stayed on any longer. When she got back to Maple Hills main barn she untacked Miracle and ran to the broodmares barn because she heard a rumor that Sunshine Bay was having her foal. As she ran over to the barn she looked at the main house and said "we are so lucky to own this farm!" sure enough Sunshine Bay was having her foal but she was making strange noises Kelly expected that something terrible had happened....